Spread the Word on Social Media 

Let’s bring our entire Christendom family together for Giving Day on April 26 to build up our alma mater. With matching gifts, hourly challenges, and more, this is your chance to impact Christendom for the better, ensuring that the next generation can receive the same Christendom education and form the same friendships that changed our lives.

No matter where you live, Giving Day is an opportunity to join with your classmates and fellow alumni in support of Christendom. One person can make a difference – both to an individual life and to the world. Join us and spread the word on social media before and on April 26!


Check your Email

We’ll be providing updates and ways to support Giving Day in the weeks leading up to April 26. Check your email to stay in the loop! 

Post About Giving Day on Social Media

Posting on social media is a great way to build the momentum of this special event, and to encourage your classmates to give. When posting about this event on social media, always use the hashtag #ChristendomGivingDay. You can also link to the website christendomgivingday.com

Not sure what to say? We've got you covered.

Here are some examples of posts you can share about Giving Day to help spread the word.

  • I plan to give back to Christendom on #ChristendomGivingDay! You can join me — learn more at christendomgivingday.com
  • My fellow alumni have changed my life for the better. Join me in supporting the community that formed us on April 26 on #ChristendomGivingDay! Find out more at christendomgivingday.com.
  • It’s #ChristendomGivingDay! We all have just 24 hours to make a difference for the next generation of Christendom students. Join me in making a gift at christendomgivingday.com.
  • I stand with the Christendom Family on #ChristendomGivingDay — do you? Give now at christendomgivingday.com! Hurry, we only have till midnight!
  • I am so inspired by all of my fellow alumni supporting our college on #ChristendomGivingDay. Thank you all for your support! There’s still time to give — donate now at chrsitendomgivingday.com before midnight!
  • One man can make a difference — today! Join me in donating on #ChristendomGivingDay at christendomgivingday.com.