Celebrate and Reconnect with Your Christendom Family 

Long Live Christendom!

On Giving Day 2020, alumni and supporters from around the globe will virtually gather to celebrate their Christendom family and support the college financially. Small gifts amount to longterm success. Make sure the college continues to flourish for the next generation of the Christendom family by giving on this special day.

What is Giving Day? 

Giving Day is an annual online event that inspires alumni support for their alma mater. Christendom’s third annual Giving Day will take place on Tuesday April 21, 2020. Building on the last two years of success, we have a goal to achieve 400 or more recurring monthly alumni donors to The Carroll Fund. This will help unlock thousands in additional challenge funds, securing the future for the next generation of Christendom students!

What is the Carroll fund?

Named in honor of our founder Dr. Warren Carroll, the Carroll Fund supports the critical needs of students in 5 essential areas: 1) financial aid, 2) counseling and spiritual development, 3) career services, 4) athletics, and 5) faculty and staff salaries. By contributing to the Carroll Fund, you help to ensure that the next generation of the Christendom family flourishes during their college years.

Countdown To Giving Day 2020