Join the Christendom Alumni 24-hour Online Fundraising Challenge!

On April 24th alumni around the world will rally together to support Christendom, and challenge each other to donate to the newly established Carroll Fund. Help us secure 200 new monthly pledges and unlock up to $150,000 in challenge funds!


When is the Christendom Giving Day?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What is Christendom Giving Day?

Christendom Giving Day is a 24-hour online fundraising challenge that aims to rally alumni around the world to come together in support of our alma mater and challenge each other to give financially to the newly established Carroll Fund without counting the cost.

What is the goal of the 2018 Alumni Giving Day?

To secure 200 new alumni giving monthly pledges of $10 or more in an effort to start a new culture of giving amongst Christendom alumni.

Why does the College rely on donors?

Christendom exists for students – but it takes a community of thousands of supporters for it to flourish. The average student needs a 50% tuition discount. That means, every year there is a $2.4 million gap between expenses and revenue (about $4,900 per student). Alumni giving helps bridge that gap and is essential for the College to do more.

Why is alumni giving important?

Increasing alumni giving long-term is critical for any successful college. Among other successful colleges, alumni average an overall 24% of giving. Foundation giving also makes up 30% of giving. Alumni giving rates are a key metric that drives foundations to support colleges. Continued alumni giving will increase giving from multiple sources.

How does our alumni giving compare to other colleges?

Private liberal arts colleges average around 20%. The two top colleges in the whole country in the US News rankings, Princeton and Thomas Aquinas College, give at levels close to 60%. Christendom College’s US News giving rate last year was 15%. This is a great place to start! Christendom has not invested in a formal alumni giving program until now through the Alumni Advisory Council. In our 40th Anniversary year, we now have the resources and the connected alumni community to launch a successful effort. With extremely high alumni satisfaction ratings, we have great faith that we can quickly jump to the top of the giving rankings.

What is “The Carroll Fund” and how will my donation be used?

As part of Giving Day, we are launching a new fund for alumni to honor the legacy of Dr. Carroll. All donations made on Giving Day will go toward The Carroll Fund and will support the critical needs of students each year in these five essential areas: 1) financial aid, 2) counseling and spiritual development, 3) career services, 4) athletics, and 5) faculty and staff salaries.

Will my small monthly donation make a difference?

All alumni gifts make a difference in the lives of students. We can’t all give $100,000, but we can give $10 or $25 or $50 a month. If even ½ our alumni gave $25/mo., that would be $450,000 each year. Even better, each new monthly gift of $10 or more will unlock “challenge funds” from our alumni “Carroll Fund Builders” – up to $150,000!

Besides making a donation, how else can I help?

You can provide additional support by praying for a successful Giving Day. You can also spread the word through social media and email. Check out our Social Media section for some tips on how to best spread the word. We even provide some sample posts and pictures for Facebook and Twitter.

I will not be available online on April 24, Can I give by mail or over the phone?

While Christendom Giving Day is a virtual event, the college would be more than happy to accept your donation either by mail or phone. To give by mail, please send a check to the following: Christendom College c/o The Carroll Fund 134 Christendom Drive Front Royal, VA 22630 Please write Giving Day in the memo line of your check. To give by phone, please call Vince Criste at (540) 636-2900

Can my employer match my gift?

There are many companies that offer matching gift programs. Please contact your HR department for more information on matching higher education non-profit organizations.

Is my gift on Christendom Giving Day still tax deductible?

Yes. All gifts to Christendom Giving Day are considered a charitable donation. Your gift will be acknowledged with a receipt for your tax records from the Advancement Office.

I have more questions about Giving Day. Who can I contact?

Feel free to contact your Class Rep, any members of the Alumni Advisory Council, or reach out directly to Karla Hester

How can I be part of the "Carroll Fund Builders"?

“Challenge Funds” refers to the incentive pool that helps donations go further on #ChristendomGivingDay. This pool is generously sponsored by a group of alumni that are referred to as “Carroll Fund Builders”. If you would like to be a “Builder” and pledge $10k or more toward Giving Day challenge funds please contact Karla Hester.

Will there be any special events on Giving Day? Can I host an event in my city?

Yes! Alumni in various cities will be hosting socials and happy hours on Giving Day, April 24. Check back for updates on locations. If you would like to host/organize a social on April 24 please contact Karla Hester Denver, CO – Location TBD Front Royal, VA – Christendom College – Happy Hour at St. Kilian’s Irving, TX – Hester Home – Pizza Party & Happy Hour – 5-8pm Manassas, VA – Location TBD

While Christendom Giving Day lasts just 24 hours, the impact of your gift can last a lifetime!

Just ask the students whose lives you touch with every dollar donated. Your pledge to The Carroll Fund will help students in many ways, one of which is their spiritual growth and development as expressed in the following video:

Spread the word about Christendom Giving Day on Social Media

Please help us spread the word. Every post or email will contribute to the success of the day. Here’s what you can do to be a #ChristendomGivingDay advocate.



Always include #ChristendomGivingDay in your posts.


Cover Photo

Change your Facebook profile photo and cover photo or use a Giving Day Frame Change your Twitter profile photo and banner photo Change your Instagram photo with this or this Animated images you can use:


Link up

When sharing always include this link to make a gift:


Check Your Email

Keep an eye on your email. We’ll be sending updates and messages indicating our success throughout the day. We may need your support for a last minute push or additional challenges we receive through the day.


Not sure what to say?

Here are sample Facebook posts and tweets that you can copy and paste or use as a starting point. Don’t forget to change your Facebook timeline cover using some of the graphics provided above Sample posts (feel free to use as is or write your own!)

  • Mark your calendars! Only XX days until #ChristendomGivingDay! 4.24.2018
  • Tomorrow is the day! #ChristendomGivingDay
  • It’s officially #ChristendomGivingDay! You now have less than 24 hours to make your gift at!
  • Christendom Alumni … XX HOUR(S) left to give! Thank you for your tremendous support for #ChristendomGivingDay. Let’s do this!
  • RT if you made your gift today! #ChristendomGivingDay
  • Thank you, Christendom Alumni, for showing up for #ChristendomGivingDay and making a difference. XX gifts made and $XX raised in just 24 hours.


On April 23 (Day before)


Our Inaugural Alumni Giving Day is on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Please join me on this day and make a donation to support The Carroll Fund. Learn more at #ChristendomGivingDay


#ChristendomGivingDay is coming up on 4/24/18. Show your support for your alma mater and make an impact in the lives of our students through a gift to The Carroll Fund. Learn more at #ChristendomGivingDay

On April 24 (Giving Day)


I donated to The Carroll Fund. Visit (Link coming) to see how much has been raised and to make a donation of your own. Not only will your gift make a difference in the lives of students, you can also help Christendom unlock an additional $150,000 in challenge dollars!


#ChristendomGivingDay is here. Help us make alumni fundraising history today! Join me in supporting Christendom and its students with a gift to The Carroll Fund